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Success Story: Hearts 4 Paws

The puppies used the Kongs the most as they were teething and trying to put anything in their mouths. It helped the foster homes be able to manage having young, growing puppies in their homes without destroying their homes. One puppy who benefited was Bruiser (first photo). This 3-month-old heeler/s...
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Success Story: Choctaw County Animal Shelter

We have a very shy cat, Miss Motley. The Cat Castle gives her a place to hide when she is nervous. She has gone through three boxes because she comes out and sits on the top at night and she is a little chunky. She is a 6-year-old spayed, front-declawed house cat who weighs close to 15 lbs., so she ...
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Success Story: Ruff Start Rescue

One of our foster families tells us: Jacksen (first and second photos) is a Great Dane/Lab mix. He had some anxiety when he arrived. He was being held at a local animal control for 30 days and lost a TON of weight due to stress. He weighed 48 lbs when we got him! He was so scared he ran away from us...
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Success Story: Mending Spirits Animal Rescue

We had a teething litter of cocker spaniel/shepherd-mix puppies including Roman (first photo) and Neela (second photo) who benefited greatly from the smaller Kongs. They loved to play and chew on them, plus the Kongs were easy to clean. Roman is an outgoing, playful pup who has shown himself to be v...
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Success Story: Ohio Alleycat Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic

Bartholomew is a handsome fellow who is FIV+. This has scared off some potential adopters, but his kind nature will soon win over the right person very soon. In fact, Bart came along with volunteers for a recent event and melted all hearts in the house! More than anything else, handsome Bartholomew ...
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