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Success Story: Paws Rescue

During a severe thunderstorm on the evening of February 28, 2016, Ester was found by a family in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The family heard a whining cry coming from outside, and they found Ester in their driveway. She was soaking wet and severely injured. Part of her front right leg was missing an...
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Success Story: Dobies and Little Paws Rescue, A.K.A. Doberman Pinscher Rescue

Sherman (first two photos) came to us from an upstate animal shelter, where he had one of the most severe cases of demodectic mange we have ever seen. We couldn't even tell what color he was under all the sores and open wounds. Thanks to a foster home and good vet care, he healed really well an...
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Success Story: Local Animal Shelter Support Inc. (L.A.S.S.I.)

Slyk (first and second photos), a 10-year-old spaniel mix, was surrendered to the rescue along with his two siblings, Gussy (third and fourth photos) and Buddy (fifth and sixth photos), after being used as a sled dogs. He was used to give customers rides in the wintertime. All three of the dogs are ...
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Success Story: The Pet Rescue Center

Pizza (first and second photos) was rescued in early June from a local shelter. We are always amazed at their transformations, but these two pictures were taken just one day apart. Pizza was a charmer and quickly found his forever home.

Jane is an adorable Maltipoo. One of our staff...
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Success Story: Lucky Pup Dog Rescue

Maverick was on his last days at the shelter, skin and bones, and frightened out of his mind. He was passed over by adopters and rescues alike. As it would turn out, he had a pretty serious, untreated infection on his tail. He would spin uncontrollably and growl at his tail at least 10-20 times a da...
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