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Success Story: Commerce Humane Association/Barchard Shelter

X-Man is a great dane/lab mix. Big guy. With funds we were able to increase his yard and give him a better place to run and play....
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Success Story: Chico Cat Coalition

Duffy is a cat who has been with us since he was a kitten. He is an orange tabby who came to us along with his brother Murphy when they were both about eight weeks old. As kittens, they were playful, friendly, and loved people. Murphy quickly found a forever home as a kitten, but for some reason, Du...
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Success Story: Every Creature Counts

Paulina is a polydactyl cat with more toes than the average cat. She came to us with six young kittens and was an excellent mother. After her kittens were grown and adopted, Paulina was ready to find her own forever home. She is calm and gentle, and loves to play too! She was featured in our email n...
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Success Story: City of Chico Animal Shelter

All of the cats in the adoptable cat room are experiencing a much more stress-free stay at the shelter now that they do not have to hear the constant screeching and banging of the kennel door right outside their room. In addition, the doors will now shut quietly and, because of the seal, will keep o...
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Success Story: Salem County Humane Society

The grant was used to renovate the entrance to our animal shelter, which was in dire need of repair. The public now enters our shelter through a neat and structurally sound entrance. This structure also serves as a safeguard to prevent our cats living in one of the group housing rooms from escaping ...
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