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Success Story: Humane Society of Warren County

Bailey was one of six dogs seized by Warren County Animal Control due to neglect. The six dogs came to the Humane Society of Warren County underweight and suffering from severe skin infections. All six dogs were timid as they had never received much human contact. HSWC treated their skin conditions,...
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Success Story: Hope Safehouse Inc.

Peach (a.k.a. Heather) came to us from [an open-admission] shelter and had a number of medical issues, but the most severe was her back hip joint. The doctors believe she was kicked so hard that the joint was virtually destroyed. HOPE tried to have the joint repaired but the surgery was not successf...
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Success Story: Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS)

Sometimes it takes a village to find a forever home, and it's happy tails like these that remind us how amazing the rescue community can be! Shauna came to BARCS a few months ago after she was left tied to a pole. Neglected and suffering from a skin condition known as Demodex, Shauna's ski...
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Success Story: Coulee Region Humane Society, Inc.

Our playroom just passed its final inspection today. The first cat in the room is our oldest cat, Bria, a 17-year-old, black domestic short hair. Bria is very much in need of the exercise and stress reduction afforded her by time in this playroom. This ability to play is serious business for our cat...
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Success Story: START: Save the Animals Rescue Team

Some cats in our care are shy and cautious, and treats can help them become trusting. Treats are associated with all things good, so when the treat bag comes out, so do the kitties! ...
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