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Success Story: Operation Kindness

The sponsored pets were (from top): Hoss, a 1-year-old Chihuahua who came to Operation Kindness from another shelter; Lady, a 10-month-old stray terrier mix who came to us with an upper-respiratory infection; and Lincoln, a 3-month-old shepherd mix who came to us from another shelter as well. All th...
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Success Story: Lapcats

"It has been four years since I became acquainted with Barbara Doty and Lapcats. I had been looking to adopt a tabby cat, which led me to the Lapcats website. Lily was to be my first indoor-only cat. I had been considering adopting a second cat to keep Lily company. This was also a first for me...
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Success Story: Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester and Monroe County

Maxfield has attended Book Buddies since Sept. 8, 2016. He told staff that he does not really love reading in school, but he is starting to enjoying reading books that interest him. Maxfield has talked about his love for animals since the day we first met him at the shelter. His enthusiasm and excit...
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Success Story: Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue

This is Zuzu. She came from a puppymill. She had really bad dry eyes and rotten teeth along with other infections and issues. We got her spayed, vaccinated, wormed, and microchipped and had all her medical issues taken care of and she is doing well today and was adopted....
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Success Story: Ark-Valley Humane Society

Honey was a nearly 12-year-old dog who needed bloodwork, a dental, a lumpectomy of a fatty tumor and removal of a sebaceous cyst. She was adopted by a woman who operates a rescue for miniature horses. This woman was specifically looking for an older dog and was so appreciative of the procedures prov...
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