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Success Story: Blue Mountain Humane Society

Sophia came to BMHS with a distended abdomen. The adopter was notified of her abdomen issues and chose to adopt her anyway. Once the adopter took her in for a free vet exam it became clear that she needed medical attention. The vet who examined Sophia thought that she might have cancer. After furthe...
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Success Story: Cache Humane Society

Vigo, Roxy, and Stella were about four weeks old when they were abandoned in the parking lot of a rural county animal-control facility. They were too young to be neutered and adopted, and no foster caregivers were able to take a litter. Cache Humane Society took them in, along with 34 other dogs, in...
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Success Story: Heart of Jackson Humane Society, Inc.

Shawnee is 2-3 years old and has obviously had chronic ear infections her entire life. After an ear flushing and numerous rounds of medications prescribed by a local vet, Shawnee was referred to a specialty clinic. Various procedures were performed, including a video otoscopy and myringotomy. Her ea...
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Success Story: Committee Concern for Cats, Inc.

Batman has a superhero name because this little 6-month-old black cat survived being hurled out the window of a moving car. A family drove to the local county shelter. The father stated that they were moving and could not keep the cat. The shelter had a temporary moratorium on pet surrenders and the...
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Success Story: Lawrence Humane Society

Noah, one of the more than 20 Yorkshire terriers and papillons who entered our care via a state seizure, had been severely neglected. His fur was long and matted, and due to the lack of grooming Noah had received, some of his fur had gotten into his mouth and wrapped around his teeth. In addition, t...
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