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Success Story: Humane Society of Pinellas

Cedric is a small 7-year-old terrier mix. He was found as a stray after the storm. With no luck finding his owners, he ended up at our shelter. Cedric was in much need of medical care for an upper-respiratory infection and dental issues. We were able to provide him the medical and dental care that h...
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Success Story: Bark And Roll Rescue Companions

Kelby came to us with severe skin issues as well as pneumonia. It took four rounds of antibiotic cocktails to clear up her pneumonia and skin. It was then discovered that she was deaf. She has since found her family. We were contacted by a rural shelter in the path of the storm that was desperately...
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Success Story: Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA

During one of our youth camps that we provide free of charge to underserved youth, we met a young man absolutely terrified of pit bulls. He had grown up in a neighborhood where these types of dogs were used as protection and as a status symbol. He had never had a positive experience with these dogs....
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Success Story: 4 Paws Farm

Lucas came to us as a Harvey stray who'd been found wandering the streets. Being a black Lab mix, the sun heated him more than other dogs. When he arrived at our staging area, he was really hot and we put him on the pad. He cooled off slowly. Of course, he was one of many to be cooled by the pa...
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Success Story: Easel Animal Rescue League

This is the first attempt that we had with more than two dogs in the play yard together. We knew that they were balanced enough to get along as a group. We used the tools we have so far (water squirt bottles, shake cans made out of bottles with rocks in them, and Pet Correct spray with compressed ai...
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