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Success Story: Three Sisters Pet Rescue/Ohio Hound Rescue

We were able to help with the care of two heartworm positive dogs: Star (first photo) and Charlie. And one dog with a large mammary tumor: Queenie (second photo). And also several special-needs cats like Jet, who is nearly blind. ...
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Success Story: Cat Association of Topeka

The cat the donor chose, Bumpers, has been in our care for several years. The donations made to sponsor him will help with his care and food for three months. This is especially helpful since he is a senior cat on a prescription diet. He is doing very well, and was recently moved to a larger room wi...
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Our New Rescue Van Will Save Lives in Detroit!

Here’s a sneak peak at the new animal-rescue van purchased with our $40,000 grant to the Michigan Humane Society! With this van, MHS will be able to save thousands of Detroit animals from cruelty and neglect. “Thank you for the time you took to help MHS with this and for the significant donation that made this possible,” says MHS Vice...
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Success Story: Seminole County Animal Services

Andy is a really friendly grey tiger cat that has just passed his two-month anniversary at the shelter. He is an awesome cat and gets along well with other cats but still he wasn't adopted. Andy and two of his cat friends, Junior and Django, will be neutered using the grant money....
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Success Story: Hearts United for Animals

Ghirardelli is a little puppy-mill Pomeranian who arrived at HUA with many health problems. She required extensive veterinary care for pneumonia and other respiratory problems before she could have routine health care, and support was very important for her care. She became a happy, healthy little o...
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