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Success Story: Second Chance Cocker Rescue, Inc.

This Sponsor a Pet grant paid to vaccinate Cosette, who came in with her sister Genevieve. They are 9-week-old cocker/Chihuahua mixes who look like miniature cockers-- adorable! They were adopted together!...
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Success Story: Helping Hand Pet Rescue of West Virginia

We have a young chocolate lab mix puppy that came to the rescue with a broken back leg and hip. We used the Thundershirt to keep him calm and warm on the way to the vet. After his surgery we had to keep him in a small kitten carrier to keep him immobilized, per the vet's instructions. We asked...
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Success Story: Madison County Animal Services

Logan, a 9-year-old black Cocker Spaniel, was often overlooked due to our dark kennels and his dark fur. He wasn't one to run to the front of the cage to greet everyone and no one really took a second look at him as they passed by. After our kennels were painted a bright and cheerful shade of y...
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Success Story: Save A Pet Florida, Inc.

Our cats and kittens are housed at a local Petco store four to five days a week; others remain in foster homes. The cats at Petco go cage crazy and get bored. The scratch pads provide an activity to release their tension and stress....
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Success Story: Dog Town Canine Rescue

Diva is a mixed-breed dog that we had adopted out years ago. She ended up at local animal control, still wearing our Dog Town identification tag on her collar. She had been owner-surrendered by someone who had gotten her from her original adopters. Diva had been mistreated and sadly, when she came b...
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